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Airless spraying

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Airless spraying

We see it more and more often that customers are happy to have everything finished by one and the same company, the walls and ceilings.

We can not only take care of plasterers, but also sauce (paint) walls and ceilings. Tight piece of work carved into color is currently in great demand.

Spraying wall paint gives a better result than “rolling” with the paint roller. The "rolling" always leaves a structure while it does not bother you when spraying.

Precisely when walls and ceilings are plastered nicely, it would be a shame if this were offset by the disadvantages of rolling.
Through airless spraying you get smooth, even and tight walls and ceilings. Moreover, it takes less time.
A surface of smooth stucco in particular is ideal for spraying. In a number of cases, structured substrates such as spack, glass fabric, spachtelputz, can also be sprayed well. Please contact us for this.

Swiebel Bouwservice BV has invested in a completely new spraying system for inside and outside painting. These systems ensure a beautiful and sleek finish of the paintwork that cannot be surpassed with a brush. Different types of paint and wall paint can be applied without spraying.

A modified airless pump conducts the paint through a special hose in which a heating element ensures a processing temperature of 40 C. The paint is sprayed on
As a result, the paint acquires a greater flowing property, creating a smooth whole without any unevenness.

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