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Dormer windows

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A dormer window is a superstructure that is placed on your roof. This gives you more light and space in the house. You can choose from a prefab or traditional dormer window. A prefabricated dormer window is placed 'ready-made' on your roof and a traditional dormer window is built on site. You can also opt for a wooden, plastic or polyester dormer window. You benefit from a dormer window by:

-Extra space

-Higher sales value of your house

Extra space

The most important advantage of a dormer window is that you get a lot of extra space and light in your house. A dark messy attic turns into a spacious bedroom or office, for example, within a day. By having a dormer installed, you can therefore live larger, without having to move.

Higher sales value of your house

After installing a dormer window, your house is immediately worth more. The dormer window gives you a larger walkable floor area. This is the number of m2 where you can stand and walk. This larger floor area ensures a higher appraisal value for your home. So you not only benefit practically from the extra space, the sales value of your house also increases thanks to a dorme

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