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What are we doing

Installing electricity

Swiebel Bouwservice can provide your home with all electronic installations inside and outside your home. They can install and install all your electricity in a professional manner. A good electronic network is of course an important part of your home or business.

With us you know for sure that everything is realized to perfection.

Garden and outdoor lighting

Not only for your safety, but also for the aesthetic aspect of your home or business, it is important that this lighting works properly. For companies, we install lighting that responds to movement. Especially when you have to work overtime, it is a good idea that the light comes on when you arrive or leave. And for your garden lighting we have various beautiful, but also useful solutions. For more information you can of course always contact us.

Fire protection

Good fire protection guarantees the safety of your home or business. Fire can occur without you realizing it, and unfortunately you may be too late before you know what exactly is happening. So for your company, home, family, employees and yourself, we recommend that professionals install this necessary fire protection. We can provide you with a good working system, so that you can live and work without worry.

Burglary protection

With a view to insurance, but also just for a personal sense of security, we professionally install our modern burglary protection systems. Do not underestimate the value of your home or business, because those who want to break into your house do not. So make sure that your personal belongings or your company belongings are properly secured. Then you can close everything with a calm feeling knowing that everything is still there when you return.

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