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What are we doing

Swiebel Bouwservice has the extensive knowledge to perform all-round maintenance and renovations on buildings and homes.

All-round in this case means that the entire interior and exterior of buildings are covered. You can think of: Renovation work, carpentry, placing tiles, installing kitchens, plumbing, painting etc. etc.

Advantages of engaging Swiebel construction service is that you will not have coordination problems with different companies because everything can be carried out by the same company. This saves costs and time because less organization is required. You can also go to one and the same person with all your questions and / or comments.

Swiebel construction service has already tackled many and very diverse jobs and performed them to the special satisfaction of its customers.

Swiebel construction service is a very versatile company. We will not avoid a job.

We do not turn our hand around for most jobs. We see the remaining and often more difficult assignments only as a challenge!

  Various options

  • A new layout of an existing home
  • Calculating and placing steel structures
  • Placing extensions / extension / conservatory / garage / utility room / etc
  • Placing dormer windows
  • Placing a roof structure
  • Attic conversion / room layout
  • Place kitchen
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Finishing walls and ceilings
  • .Install / divert sanitary facilities and replace


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