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Underfloor heating

What are we doing

Let the floor heat your home comfortably

More than just warm feet

Underfloor heating does more than just heat your cold feet and is certainly not a luxury. If you compare floor heating with other heat sources, there are countless advantages. What do you think of a cost saving on the energy bill or the additional advantage of a beautiful floor that you can place when installing floor heating?

Substantial cost savings

An advantage that will be immediately noticeable is that you can burn less high compared to radiator heating and you still get a good and pleasant feeling temperature in the house. Due to the low temperature setting, considerable energy savings can also be expected on an annual basis, which can rise from 10 to 15%. The system works with a water temperature of 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. From an environmental point of view this is a very nice saving and you will of course also notice it in your wallet.

Better heat distribution
As mentioned, the warmth from floor heating feels much more pleasant. This is because the heat is distributed very evenly. The heat radiates upwards, so that the room is heated evenly.

For people with allergic or asthmatic symptoms, underfloor heating is also a solution. The air is less oppressive and there is also less dust circulation. After all, there are no radiators or other tubes that can retain dust.

What do you choose:

the floor as main or additional heating

If your house still needs to be realized, why don't you immediately opt for underfloor heating for your entire home? You can then immediately benefit from the numerous advantages of this heat source.

It is also possible to use the underfloor heating as main heating in an existing home. You can also opt for additional heating, in which case a radiator must remain present. Even then you can take advantage of the energy benefits of underfloor heating and all other additional conveniences. Underfloor heating is an excellent addition to your central heating.

After the choice of main or auxiliary heating has been made and installed, the installation is connected to the existing central heating network (district heating) and made ready for operation.

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