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Wood restoration

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Wood rot Damage

In the case of wood rot damage, a total replacement of the frames is not necessary. With a professional wood renovation system, a full recovery is possible and always cheaper than total replacement. Often more than 90% of the frames are still in good condition. Existing glass can also often be maintained and no repair is needed on the inside of the home.

The Sigma Flexidur specialist .

Swiebel Construktion can help you to repair wood rot. We can treat all types of wood rot, small and large. We are also happy to answer all your questions.


When you decide to work with Swiebel Construction, we will visit you to view the damage. You will then receive a quote from us with a treatment plan. We divide our services into three types. What kind of advice we recommend depends on the size of the damage:

- Minor repairs
- Part replacements (in the event of major damage)
- Complete replacements (for damage that cannot be repaired)

In the repair of wood rot, Swiebel Construction works with Flexidur from Sigma coatings. We are certified for this.

Effective payment with all wood problems .

Guaranteed wood restoration now has a name: Sigma Flexidur is the new leading repair system for effective and sustainable wood restoration in all seasons. From minor repairs to partial replacement and the sealing of open wood connections and cracks.

Sigma Flexidur deals with wood rot and other wood problems once and for all.

Sigma Flexidur is made for effective and efficient repair work. You can use the system without any problems throughout the year: up to 30 ° C in the summer and even from 0 ° C in the winter! The products can be processed quickly and easily. And solvents are not in it, so you can use them completely safely. The result? Simply perfect: a durable and permanently elastic repair that smoothly absorbs shrinking and swelling behavior over the years.
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